The Canadian company has been active for several years as a license manufacturer of renowned fashion brands. Now it has decided to launch its own brand for golf under the SwingControl brand. The clothing professionals focus on the combination of design, function and comfort. The fabrics are characterized by a stretch component that is particularly pleasant for golf, and the material also ensures pleasant temperature control, especially in summer. The elastic waistband also provides the desired combination of comfort and support when golfing. Recently, the company has also started offering a men's pants collection up to size 38. The women's collection is offered up to size 16 (equivalent to approx. EU size 44/XXL). All pants have a "retainer" so that the polo shirt does not slip out of the pants. Stylistically, the company's products can be worn both on and off the course. Brand Manager Josh Mark reported in Orlando that they are currently in negotiations with a potential German distributor; he expects SwingControl to be available in Germany no later than the Spring 2024 collection.


For more information:  https://swingcontrol.com