Many simulators come from the Far East and the US - but Europe also offers powerful yet attractively priced launch monitors. ProTee, based in the Netherlands, currently offers three systems for fixed installation: the RX for right- or left-handed players (price: 5,000 euros), the VX for right- and left-handed players (price: 6,000 euros) and the so far unpriced RLX, also for right- and left-handed players. Ball, shot and ball flight data are all measured. Prices for an extension to simulator use were not yet known.

To set up a full-fledged indoor golf box with the devices, pros and golf venues or ambitious hobby golfers will also need a projector and a screen on which to play on the one hand and display the results on the other. Alternatively, the projector and screen can be dispensed with and the data be read from a mobile device. With the very attractive products from the Netherlands, pros and golf facilities can thus realize a fully-fledged indoor golf box for around 10,000 euros.


For more information:  www.protee-united.com