DGV partner Players1st has not only won over further golf associations and golf courses for its survey tools for measuring customer experience in recent months, but has also expanded its product portfolio. An important milestone is the cooperation with Trackman and TrackMan Range respectively, which supports satisfaction analyses directly after the use of the systems of the also Danish Launch Monitor market leader.

In addition to the familiar tools for surveying members and guest players, Players1st has developed and introduced a tool for financial benchmarking in cooperation with Scandinavian golf associations. In doing so, consistent attention was paid to the integration of data via interface, so that clubs do not have to re-enter existing information (e.g. from tee time booking systems). More than 1,000 facilities already rely on this system. The evaluations are always anonymous and enable the participating clubs to compare themselves with other facilities, but also to analyze their own data in greater depth. It is possible, for example, to analyze at what times of day members, guests or certain segments of the membership play. According to Players1st, the English Golf Association has also already announced that it will be using the system in the future.


For more information:  https://players1st.sport/de-DE/de