Families are an attractive target group for attracting people to golf long term, provided that the golf clubs have the right offerings. However, especially with small children, the compatibility with golf often already fails when it comes to logistics: what is the best way to take golf clubd and child together on the round? Ben Fairbanks, founder of KidCaddieGolf, faced this challenge and came up with a solution. The result: the KidCaddie. Offered in the US for an expected $119, the product easily hooks over any sports cart handle. It offers storage space for up to 18 clubs and 7 balls, plus tees and ball markers. Extensions for water bottles and children's clubs can be attached via adapters. The storage bag under the child's seat, which is available on almost all children's strollers, protects the clubs from dirt and acts as a tray so that the clubs do not get caught on the floor.  Equipped in this way, golfing parents and their (not yet) golfing children can continue to perfectly combine a walk with a round of golf.


For more information:  www.kidcaddiegolf.com