Inno F1

With his Inno F1 golf buggy study, Korean designer and inventor Youngse Kim wants to trigger a change in thinking. Younger golfers in particular don't want to share a buggy with fellow golfers they don't know, he says. But handing out traditional 2-person buggies to single golfers is neither economically nor ecologically viable, according to the internationally renowned designer and inventor. While currently available 1-person buggies are mostly designed for people with walking disabilities and not very attractive in terms of design, the Korean focuses on modern design and clear colors. His concept vehicle weighs just over half that of conventional buggies. Equipped with a windshield (to protect against balls), windshield wipers and LED lights, the vehicle also has a sunroof that will be removable in the future. In addition, the seat is adjustable, the storage areas are extremely generous, and there is an interface for mobile devices including a charging option. The sales price is expected to be around USD 7,000 - it will be interesting to see whether Youngse Kim's concept, which is aimed primarily at young golfers, will usher in a new trend in golf buggies.


For more information:  https://www.innomobilitylab.com