Golfers are known to be pleasure-seekers - for many, a glass of wine after the round or, especially in Scotland and Ireland, a wee dram is part of the overall experience. When golfers are traveling, they are often only too happy to take home a few bottles of the products they have experienced on site. However, the current hand luggage regulations of airlines usually stand in the way of this, and train journeys with a box of wine are not exactly comfortable either.

The products of FlyWithWine, a Napa Valley-based company from California, offer a remedy. Their high-quality cases offer space for 5, 8 or 12 bottles of wine, which are protected from transport damage by precisely fitting foam inserts. The interior of the cases is variable; inserts for whisky bottles or magnum bottles can also be attached. With around 380 USD, the price of the cases is within the range of comparable, purely high-quality travel cases. In addition, the inlay can be removed and the case used as normal luggage. Those who don't want to miss out on a well-chilled drop while on tour can use the VinXplorer Backpack for just under 200 USD, with which the cool liquid flows directly from the backpack into the glass via a tap.


For more information:  www.FlyWithWine.com