Flightscope Mevo+

For many years, Flightscope has offered products for the consumer market in addition to professional launch monitors such as the X3. The current focus of development for the consumer market is the Flightscope Mevo+. The device includes about 20 golf courses for simulator operation and supports the E6 interface known from professional simulators. Equipped with all functions, the version suitable for indoor simulator operation costs around USD 3,700, while the Launch Monitor itself is available from around USD 2,200. There are no annual license costs - unless you want to use the E6 interface as an extension or integrate additional components such as the Swing Catalyst Home Edition.

Launch Monitor communicates exclusively with iOS devices, and the associated app can be used on both iPhone and iPad. For the US, a simulator hardware bundle is also offered for just under $4,000, which includes both the projection screen and the projector. According to the manufacturer, no similar offer is planned for Europe.


For more information:  www.flightscopemevo.eu