Blue Tees

The company is already one of the most successful suppliers of rangefinders in the US and was recently able to conclude a framework agreement with the renowned Troon Group. The company is best known for its excellent price-performance ratio and its branded versions of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) 2 Pro+ rangefinder in various college colors. In addition, the company offers speakers and other accessories - all in conjunction with a magnetic holder called MagHub for trolleys, bags and buggies.

However, the latest products from Drew Koehler's team are likely to be even more interesting: because Blue Tees thinks connected. A GPS system is therefore to be launched this year, which will be available either separately or in conjunction with a speaker system. It will not only display distances and courses, but will also enable the user to store shot positions and use them for post-round analyses. For this purpose, the data is stored in a cloud so that it is not device-specific, but available per user. It is therefore reasonable to expect that a new rangefinder generation will also support this combination of measurement and analysis. Blue Tee is thus the first provider to combine the advantages of classic measurement systems with modern, cloud-based analysis concepts.


For more information:  www.blueteesgolf.com