German automotive supplier Continental was known in golf at best as a supplier of golf shoe soles. Now the company has its own innovative product, BAL.ON, with a focus on training. The insoles are offered in four different sizes and enable precise recording and visualization of weight dispersion and transfer at address and in the swing. The insoles are equipped with a clip including an NFC chip that can be attached to any golf shoe. The rechargeable battery allows for over 20 hours of operation. The data is stored in a cloud and displayed on a dedicated app. This is currently available for iOS, with an Android version in preparation. In addition to the option of giving the user's own golf instructor access to the recordings, the tool offers its own AI-based score per swing and provides training tips based on this. According to the manufacturer, the price will be around 500 euros including a two-year software subscription, sales are expected to start at the beginning of April 2023.


For more information:  https://www.bal-on.golf//