The plant growth regulator Primo MAXX (trinexapac-ethyl) on Golf Courses

The Nordic Experience


In 2011 and 2013, the plant growth regulator Primo MAXX®, following called plant growth regulator (PGR), was approved for use on golf courses in Sweden and Finland, respectively. The registrations were based on trials carried out by independent research institutes in Norway and Finland. The use of a plant growth regulator was a new experience to Nordic greenkeepers as no such product had earlier been approved for turf.


In 2014, the Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation (STERF) published a handbook summarizing several years of research and two years of practical experiences on the use of PGR on Nordic golf courses. The handbook can be downloaded from STERF’s website www.sterf.org. This article highlights some of the key findings in our research.


Den detaillierten Artikel (Rasen 03/2015) finden Sie HIER ... (Download PDF) oder auf der Homepage der Deutschen Rasengesellschaft (DRG) e.V. unter www.rasengesellschaft.de.


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